Rehearsal Schedule till show week! – please let us know if you can’t manage any dates please!



Thursday 6th February            6.45pm ‘Springtime’ tappers,

                                                        7.15pm ‘Springtime’ chorus and principals, (other principals to run songs and dialogue in staff room as necessary) No Ulla,

                                                          And run any other chorus as necessary              

Monday  10th February,6.45pm   ‘Act 2, scene 7, Paul, Max, Leo, All female chorus who are Grannies and  not in ‘Prisoners of love’  NO ULLA

                                                             If we have time at the end to run any Max and Leo sections that need tidying.

Thursday 13th  St James!-February-6.45pm-Songs-‘ prisoners of Love ‘ Men

                                                                      7pm- ‘Prisoners of love’ girls and Roger

                                                                      7.30pm ‘ Goodbye’- Full cast

                                                                      8pm – run ‘Springtime’

                                                                       8.30pm- Run all chorus set to date .  No Ulla

Monday 17th February- St. Johns hall- all principal songs 7-10pm (songs & movement as necessary- ‘Leo & Max’ finale song needs covering tonight )

Thursday 20th February- St Johns hall- Principals rehearsal only.-7pm-7.45pm- Act 2 Scene 5

                                                                            7.45pm – Run Act 2 &  Principals photo shoot ( Ulla, Max, Leo, Roger,Carmen, Franz’)

Monday 24th February- Words rehearsal Act 1 & 2 (all speaking principals) – no Mike B, no Jon.

Thursday 27th February- 6.45pm – ‘Prisoners of love’-Men

                                                 7.30pm –‘ Prisoners of love’ – Girls & Roger.

                                                 8.15 pm – ‘All chorus  set’


Monday 3rd March –6.45pm-10pm- FULL RUN -Principals and speaking cast!

Thursday 6th March – 6.45pm – Audition Scene – dance section- as called

                                        7.45pm-‘Leo and max’ finale section & Finale ,and all chorus as set.

Monday  9th March – Principals as called

Thursday 12th March – All chorus work

Monday 17th March – Full Run –all principals and speaking parts

Thursday 20th March – FULL RUN- full company

Sunday 23rd March – St James,  Band call 2-5pm

Monday 24th March- Full Run- principals

Thursday 27th March – Full Run – Whole Company

Monday 31st March – Full Run and tidy – principals

Thursday 3rd April – Act 1 run- full company in costume

Friday 4th April – Act 2 Run – full company in costume

Sunday 6th April -8am get in ( as called) SAC

                                  2-5pm  Band call- all cast SAC- ‘Studio’

                                  6-10.30pm Technical rehearsal (full cast) SAC

Monday 7th April – 7.30- 10.30pm Full Dress rehearsal  SAC

Tuesday 8th- Saturday  12th – Show week, inc matinee on Saturday 2.30pm

Saturday 12th 10.30pm-12 midnight ‘get Out’ all needed

Saturday 12th Midnight – get Out Party- free to paid members, £5 to off stage and backstage non members.





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Dance steps and other stuff.

Maps to other rehearsal venues

Occasionally we may have to rehearse in other venues if Peterbrook School is being used for a school function (eg. closer to Christmas etc). We will warn you in advance but here are some maps to show you the way. For more information speak to Steve.

Map to St.James school - Click on picture to enlarge (opens new window)


Map to St.Johns hall - Click on picture to enlarge (opens new window)


Peterbrook Players Committee

Committee members and their responsibilities are as follows:
Steve Bickerton: Chairman.
Suzanne Ballard: Committee Secretary
Paul Harris: Treasurer
Marie Hawkins: Membership secretary
Alan Smith: Social Secretary
Richard Perks: Under 16's Liason
Jonny Weston: new members co-ordinator
Linda Alford: Ticket Secretary
Dave Shuttleworth: Vice Chair

If you have any queries about any of these areas in particular, please see the appropriate Committee member who will deal with your concern.

Production Team for 'Annie' 2013

Directors: Kelly and Richard Tye
Choreographer: Suzanne Ballard
Musical Director: Paula Whitehouse
Costume Liason: Caroline Bickerton
Stage Manager: Nick King
Props; Heather Hawkesford
Or join our facebook page for members, old and new.